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Do you have persistent problems with condensation in your home? A bad smell or some mould near your window frames might not seem like a big deal, but that excess moisture could lead to serious problems with your home’s timber or woodwork. We can help you find the cause of the condensation, as well as provide treatment for your timber.

Damp Proof London provide extensive damp proofing services all over London, including in Ealing. For homeowners, landlords, and property managers who are concerned about dampness in their houses and buildings, we can offer our expertise. We’ve operated for over 10 years and have helped damp proof countless homes. If you’re an Ealing resident in need of professional damp services, we can assist you. 

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Damp Proof Treatment

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We treat all types of damp problems for our Ealing customers. In order to proceed with the right treatment, we must identify the kind of damp you’re dealing with. There are usually three: penetrating damp; rising damp; and condensation. 

Penetrating damp happens when water makes its way through the structure of a building. It might be caused by some external defect like blocked gutters. Rising damp occurs when water in the soil around a building rises through the walls via capillary action. Rising damp is more complicated to treat than penetrating damp, as it usually requires the installation of a damp-proof course or damp-proof membrane. 

Finally, your home might have condensation. Condensation is excess moisture caused by daily activities like cooking, showering, or hang-drying wet laundry. While treatment for condensation might be changing your habits, it’s also possible you have a leak somewhere. Whatever damp problem you’re experiencing in your Ealing home, we can properly identify and treat it. 

Ealing Homeowner Damp Survey

In addition to damp proofing treatments, we’re also qualified to carry out damp and timber surveys on Ealing properties. These surveys are usually required by mortgage lenders before purchasing a new home, to ensure any damp problems are identified properly. If you’re the buyer, a damp survey could save you from expensive repairs later on. 

We train our damp surveyors to use several methods for identifying dampness and potential damage. The approval of your home loan depends on the work we carry out for your damp survey, so we ensure that we get it right. Additionally, if you’re selling your Ealing home, you might also consider a damp and timber survey. Finding problems and repairing them before you put your house on the market will save you some hassle. 

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For Ealing residents who need expert damp proofing services, we are at your disposal. At Damp Proof London, your needs always come first. Although we’ve seen many homes with dampness over the years, we know that each new customer requires a fresh approach. Your damp problem won’t go away without a solution that’s suited to your property’s needs. 

For the best in damp proofing treatment and homeowner damp surveys, as well as our other services like basement tanking and timber treatment, give us a call today.

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