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Have you noticed brownish or yellowish tide marks on your walls? Or decayed skirting boards, peeling wallpaper, or blister patches on your wall? If your walls display any of these signs and they feel damp to the touch, then you likely have penetrating damp. 

Dampness is a common problem for London homes. At Damp Proof London, we’ve been providing damp proofing treatments and services for over 10 years to residents all over the capital, including in Enfield. When you start noticing the signs of damp, you might feel powerless to do anything against it. When you call the experts, however, we can properly identify the type and cause of your home’s dampness, as well as develop a solution.

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Damp Survey

For first-time homebuyers in Enfield, a damp and timber survey might be required for a mortgage loan. This survey, carried out by accredited professionals, will show if there are any problems with dampness in the home you’re buying, as well as potential damage caused to the timber. 

Mortgage lenders, landlords, property managers, and homebuyers alike rely on the expertise of professional damp surveyors. We know that a home loan could be denied or approved based on the results of the survey, so we take it seriously. Our surveyors are trained to employ multiple methods for testing a property for dampness. They do a thorough check, looking for even the smallest signs of damp or damage. The solutions we propose after the damp and timber report are also based on years of experience damp proofing Enfield homes. 

Damp Proofing and Basement Tanking Services in Enfield

We provide inclusive damp treatment services to our Enfield customers. When it comes to dampness, there are usually three types we deal with: penetrating damp; rising damp; and condensation. Identifying and treating each should be left to damp proofing professionals, especially since many people confuse penetrating damp for rising damp. Damp Proof London will accurately distinguish your home’s damp problem, which allows us to devise the most suitable solution. 

In addition to damp treatments, we also offer basement tanking and waterproofing to Enfield residents. Basements make great additions to your home, but only if they’re waterproof. To ensure no excess moisture seeps into your basement, we can tank it, or provide a waterproofing material to the inside or outside of the structure. This process makes your basement habitable, so you can enjoy the extra space rather than worry about it flooding. 

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We’re proud to offer our years of damp proofing expertise to residents of Enfield. We’ve served many customers all over Enfield and London, devising the best damp proofing solutions for homes. If you think you have a damp problem in your Enfield home or you’re interested in waterproofing your basement, then get in contact with us. We can also conduct your homeowner damp survey and we offer timber treatment for woodwork that’s been damaged by damp.

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