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Customer Satisfaction is Our Number One Priority

We offer a comprehensive service to all of our clients – from initial consultation and professional advice all the way through to remedial work and final installation. Our team works closely with architects, engineers, and contractors during the initial phase of the project to ensure the best results for our clients. No wonder our clients always appreciate the work we do, and as a result, we have built a solid reputation in our industry.

Decades of Work Experience in the Field

Our team has successfully carried out countless basement tanking and structural waterproofing projects in London. From small domestic projects to large-scale commercial property developments, they have worked on projects of all sizes.

With decades of combined work experience under their belt, our team members have a clear idea of what kind of remedial work needs to be done in order to structurally waterproof a building structure.

Using the Best Quality Materials for the Job

Being an independent, family-owned business means we can take a comprehensive approach for structural waterproofing offer a wide range of solutions that are proven to work, time and again. Instead of relying upon just one product to stop water ingress, we use a combination of waterproofing products that work well when used together for creating damp-proof membranes.  

Final Installation by Waterproofing Experts

Getting structural waterproofing wrong can prove to be very costly in the long term. By working with us you get access to some of the top waterproofing specialists in the area who are dedicated to getting everything right in the first go and ensuring the success of your project. They are highly skilled, trained and certified in their field of work, and use high-end tools and techniques for getting their job done. Nothing can ever go wrong when you hire us for the job!

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If you are looking for professional advice regarding structural waterproofing, don’t hesitate to contact our team of specialists. No project is too big or too small for us! Whether you want to create a dry environment inside your building, create a watertight basement, or just want to build a swimming pool, we can help! Plus, our expert technical team will work with you closely to ensure they meet your expectations.

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