A woodworm infestation can cause severe damage to property. Whether the infestation impacts larger structural timbers or furniture, it is crucial to deal with it immediately, via correct means, using professional help.



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How is Woodworm Treatment Done?

Woodworm is a generic term for wood-eating larvae – there’s not just one but many species of beetle that are categorised as woodworm. In addition to identifying the type of woodworm, the woodworm treatment also depends on the extent of the problem, what stage of growth it is in, and various other factors such as high moisture, dry rot, wet rot, or a damp problem in the property. This is why our woodworm specialists at Damp Proof study every case of woodworm infestation closely, arrive at the right diagnosis, and then select the most suitable and natural woodworm treatment based on their decades of work experience in the field.

Steps Taken for WoodWorm Treatment

Here are the steps we take to arrive at the right kind of woodworm treatment for a specific case:

  • Firstly, our surveyors will survey your property.
  • Once the woodworm problem is confirmed, our surveyors will:
  •  Identify the type(s) of beetle and gauge the scale of the woodworm infestation
  • Establish whether the woodworm is actively growing and which stage of life cycle it is in at the time of the survey
  •  Specify an appropriate woodworm treatment for your property
  • Identify, recommend, and perform any other repairs required to fix the problem (for example, dry rot or damp problem)
  • Remove any damaged timbers, if required, and replace them with treated timber
  • Apply a suitable woodworm treatment in the area impacted by it, including the woodworm treatment of floorboards

Can the Property Owner Treat the Woodworm Problem by Themselves?

Perhaps, you have noticed that your local store has several types of woodworm killers in stock. However, this is not the recommended plan of action, unless you’re absolutely sure that your infestation is isolated to a small piece of furniture, for example. You will also need to ensure that you’re adequately protected from the fumes and the use of chemicals before you attempt any woodworm treatment by yourself.

Apart from this, there are so many factors in a woodworm problem, as discussed before, which means you could be wasting both your time and money, while also risking your health when you decide to try a DIY treatment. Even worse, the woodworm may survive such treatment and could continue to destroy your furniture or household timbers without you even knowing it. This is why it’s recommended to get in touch with a woodworm specialist if you’re suspicious about the presence of woodworm at your property.

What’s the Cost of Woodworm Treatment?

The cost of woodworm treatment can depend on the level of damage caused by the woodworm in your property and also the nature and size of the infestation. In order to provide you with an accurate quotation for woodworm treatment, our surveyors and woodworm specialists will need to carry out a thorough inspection of your property to determine what the most suitable treatment for the property is.

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