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Basement tanking solutions in London

We’re Damp Proof London, a leading team of basement tanking specialists in London. When it comes to basement tanking or waterproofing, it’s crucial to ensure the job is done perfectly – or else the property will have a damp problem in the future if the tanking is defective. This is why we train our basement tanking specialists to use nothing but only the best, proven, and tested waterproofing strategies in their work.

How Does Basement Tanking Work?

By doing Basement Tanking, you’re basically making the basement watertight. For achieving this, a membrane, layer or coating of waterproofing material is applied to the inside and/or the outside of the structure to prevent water from entering the inner space of the property and hold back the hydrostatic pressure that comes from the soil surrounding the underground spaces. In waterproofing industry jargon, this is often labelled as ‘Type A’ waterproofing.

Such strategies have been used for making underground spaces, like basement or cellars, habitable for decades now. Basement tanking will also provide a smooth wall surface, which is not just aesthetically pleasing but also protects the structure from moisture ingress and resulting damp problems.

However, for tanking to work perfectly, it must be applied only to undamaged, stable walls. Plus, special attention needs to be paid towards weak points in the inner space of the tank, for example, the wall-to-floor joint. Only once a team of qualified basement tanking specialists has completed a professional basement tanking installation can the underground space be deemed watertight, dry, and available for practical use.

Why is Basement Tanking Necessary?

By waterproofing basement walls, you can ensure water doesn’t enter the building, no matter where the source of water is located. However, your property doesn’t have to be located near a water body or flooding-prone area in order to benefit from basement tanking. In fact, construction that is even partially below ground surface is quite susceptible to a damp or moisture problem. In such a case, water retained in the soil can seep in through the walls into the underground space.

Besides the dampness, the water will bring with it the salts and minerals that were present in the soil surrounding the underground space. If this happens, the walls will become damp with condensation, which will then give rise to another problem: mould. Why face so many issues at your property in the future when you could just get the basement tanking done by professionals as a quick, one-time job?

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