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Damp Proof London is proud to offer our range of damp proofing treatments and services to residents of North London. We’re more than just damp proof experts – we handle every issue a homeowner can face when it comes to damp. Identifying dampness, carrying out a damp and timber survey, providing damp treatments and preventive solutions, basement tanking, and timber treatments are part of our North London damp proofing services as well.

At Damp Proof London, we’re passionate about finding damp-proof solutions for North London homeowners. We’ve worked in this business for several years, gaining the expertise to advise our customers on the best actions when fighting damp. Our goal is restoring your North London home to its damp-free state, while also restoring your peace of mind. 

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Damp Survey

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As damp proof experts in North London, we’re qualified to carry out a damp survey for homeowners and homebuyers. Often, a damp and timber survey is required by mortgage lenders when you buy a new home. This is to ensure that the home you’re purchasing is damp-free. And if it’s not, and repairs are needed to resolve damp problems, you’re covered when you make an offer on the house.

Damp Proof London can carry out your unbiased damp survey according to your needs. Damp surveys are trusted by mortgage lenders and landlords, so a misdiagnosis can result in no mortgage lending. Surveys are, therefore, only carried out by accredited professionals who will give an objective examination of the property’s dampness. These experts are also looked to for their recommendations on handling damp issues. 

Our surveyors are highly trained, taking the appropriate time needed to carry out an accurate damp survey and report. We instruct our surveyors to rely on more than one method for examining damp, so they can confidently confirm the damp status of a North London property.

We understand that buying a home is a complicated, extensive process. We want to help simplify things for you as much as possible. We offer a correct damp survey report the first time, to facilitate the purchase of your North London home. 

Damp Proofing Solutions in London

Having employed damp proof treatments in homes throughout North London, Damp Proof London are experts in mitigating and preventing damp. Damp is a common problem for North London homeowners, causing damage to walls, foundations, timber, and other parts of your home. Fortunately, we have the experience to treat damp and install measures to keep it from returning. The two most common types of damp we see in North London are penetrating damp and rising damp. 

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp happens when moisture builds up in the walls of a building and spreads out horizontally. You can usually tell you have penetrating damp if you detect a musty smell, damage to internal and external walls, wood rot, watermarks on the masonry of your house, or patches of black mould on internal walls. Penetrating damp happens when some external defect allows too much moisture inside a building, like blocked gutters, porous masonry, or faulty roof fabric. 

Many North London homeowners confuse penetrating damp for rising damp, and thus take the wrong measures to solve the issue. We can tell the difference between the two and we’ll employ the proper treatments for your home’s penetrating damp.

Rising Damp

Rising damp, although less common than penetrating damp, can be just as destructive. Penetrating damp occurs when moisture from the ground below your house seeps up into the walls through capillary action. You can tell you have rising damp by stains on your walls, caused by the salt that moves up from the ground along with the moisture. 

Decaying skirting board, peeling wallpaper, and salt within the plaster are all also signs of rising damp. North London homeowners with rising damp typically face complicated repairs, like inserting or replacing a damp-proof course or repairing a damp-proof membrane. 

North London Basement Tanking Services

At Damp Proof London, we’re more than just damp proof experts. We also offer proven and tested basement tanking solutions to our North London customers. Basements can be a great addition to your home – but only if they’re waterproof. Our basement tanking and waterproofing specialists can help secure your basement or cellar against excess water and moisture.

Basement tanking involves adding a water-resistant membrane to either the internal or external surface of your basement walls. Usually, you need experts like Damp Proof London to tank your basement, as it requires some construction and specialized skills to complete. Once it’s finished, however, your basement will be protected against water and damp. 

If your North London home is near a flood plain, then basement tanking will likely be a requirement. You don’t have to be near an area prone to flooding to need basement tanking and waterproofing, though. Water in the soil around your foundation can seep into the walls of your foundation, causing more dampness problems. As damp proof experts, we strongly encourage North London homeowners to consider basement tanking and waterproofing. 

Timber Treatment in North London

In addition to damp surveys, damp proofing treatments, and basement tanking, we also offer timber treatment to North London residents. Your home’s timber could be plagued by dry rot, wet rot, or woodworms, all of which threaten the structural integrity of your home. 

Dry rot and wet rot are both caused by fungi growing inside the wood. Dry rot usually causes flaking, cracking, and crumbling of the wood, and may spread to other areas of your home. Wet rot, on the other hand, will usually be contained in areas that are moisture-heavy. It mostly occurs in between walls, however, so it’s less easy to spot. If your home’s timber has woodworms, you’ll usually see tiny exit holes in the wood, powdery bore dust, dead insects, or even crumbling timber.

 Each of these timber problems is related to damp and Damp Proof London can handle each. Treatment options will depend on the cause of your home’s timber problem. We offer a range of options depending on your specific problem, including wood preservatives, timber fungicides, and fixing functional defects of the wood.

Many North London homeowners confuse penetrating damp for rising damp, and thus take the wrong measures to solve the issue. We can tell the difference between the two and we’ll employ the proper treatments for your home’s penetrating damp.

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