Damp Proof London is a family-owned damp proofing company that offers a full range of damp treatments for homes and commercial spaces in London. 

We are a highly reputable and well-known in the city and surrounding suburbs, thanks to our decades of experience in the field, that speaks for itself. 




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Our Services Include:

Looking for damp treatment? We offer various types of damp treatments in London, including but not limited to:

Rising damp can develop within walls due to the lack of an effective damp proof course or the commission of damp proofing during earlier construction or renovation. 

Damp Proof London offer expert damp proofing, cellar and basement tanking and waterproofing in London. London homes in particular have many types of cellars and basements depending on their location and use.

An unpleasant smell in your bedroom or mould growing on your window frames could be a sign of condensation. We at Damp Proof London also offer the services of providing timber treatment.

A woodworm infestation can cause severe damage to property. Whether the infestation impacts larger structural timbers or furniture, it is crucial to deal with it immediately, via correct means, using professional help.

We cater to any type of damp problems including dry rot, wet rot, wood worm and penetrating damp. To find out more or to get help contact our expert damp proof specialists!

Penetrating damp can be witnessed in buildings of any age where there is excessive rain to face older structures with porus bricks or blocked gutters and cracked roofing. Whichever the case, penetrative damp can bring about serious ill effects to the building as well as livelihood. 

At Damp Proof London we’re committed to providing our customers with excellent service. If you suspect that you might have a problem with damp in your home, we’re more than happy to arrange for a surveyor to come and inspect your property.

Are you a homeowner, an architect, a contractor, or a developer currently looking for a structural waterproofing company in London or nearby areas? Want to turn an unused part your property into a habitable space? Look no further!

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