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Are you a Barnet resident dealing with damp problems in your home? Have you spotted mould near your windows or on your walls? How about peeling wallpaper or skirting board paint? The signs of dampness are usually telltale. Most homeowners notice problems right away. The difficulty lies in properly diagnosing the type of damp that’s plaguing your house. That’s what the experts at Damp Proof London are here for.

Due to London’s climate, many Barnet homes will suffer from excess damp – especially older houses. The best way to combat dampness is by preventing it from setting in at all. You can ensure your house is damp-proof by calling experts to have a survey done. Professional damp proof services can verify that your home is equipped to keep out the extra damp. 

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Damp Treatment


As Barnet’s damp proof experts, we’ve surveyed and treated damp for many homes in the area. Residents trust our knowledge and professionalism in tackling even the worst of damp problems. Typically, when your house has damp it’s one of three kinds – rising damp, penetrating damp, or condensation. Each exhibit different signs and should remedied appropriately. 

Rising damp develops when moisture from the ground around a building seeps into the walls and rises through them. Decayed skirting boards, stains, tide marks, peeling wallpaper, and salt in the plaster are good signs of rising damp. It can usually only be fixed by installing or repairing a damp-proof course.

Penetrating damp, on the other hand, isn’t so straightforward to fix. Once experts identify penetrating damp, by a musty smell, watermarks on the masonry, or black mould on internal walls, they can devise a plan to treat the penetrating damp. 

Finally, condensation, which is usually caused by daily activities like cooking, taking a shower, or hang-drying wet laundry, can be seen in wet spots on the windows. Damp proof experts can take action to mitigate the effects of condensation, but changing your daily habits to prevent excess moisture is recommended too. 

Basement Tanking and Timber Treatment

At Damp Proof London, we’re more than just damp experts. We also provide basement tanking and timber treatment to Barnet residents. 

Your basement can be a great add-on to your house, as a recreation room or home office. But basements can also be a nuisance if they’re not tanked correctly. Tanking and waterproofing involve adding membranes either internally, externally, or both to the basement’s walls. Our tanking methods ensure that your basement won’t flood. 

We also provide timber treatment to Barnet homes. Timber and woodwork can develop dry rot, wet rot, or woodworms, which can eventually threaten the structural integrity of your house. With options like wood preservatives and timber fungicides, we can address these problems and prevent them from reappearing. 

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Our range of damp services is available to Barnet residents and we’re happy to serve our customers in the borough. For experts in damp treatment, basement tanking, and even homebuyer damp surveys, give Damp Proof London a call.

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