Condensation is regarded as one of the most common forms of damp. It’s usually caused by high humidity, poor heating systems, and inadequate ventilation. As the temperature drops, condensation rises.

Household activities, such as cooking, can raise the humidity levels in a building. This humid air then condenses on colder surfaces, such as walls and windows – resulting in condensation and subsequently damp and mould related problems.


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Common Signs of Condensation

  •        Misting of windows
  •         Stained curtains
  •         Mildew on furniture or clothes
  •         Wallpaper or paint peeling off
  •         Rusting of iron-made items, such as screws
  •         Black mould
  •         Musty smell or dampness in the rooms

What Causes Condensation?

  •         Damp or humid air
  •         Household activities such as bathing, cooking, washing and drying clothes indoors, or watering indoor plants
  •         Lack of proper ventilation
  •         Humid climate or rains
  •         Leaking roofs and/or leaky walls
  •         Blocked or damaged guttering (or other plumbing faults)
  •         Poorly fitting doors or windows
  •         Damaged damp proof course

Treatment of Condensation:

Damp problems like condensation can quickly get worse with time. If you already notice any signs of dampness, you need to get it properly inspected by damp specialists, as soon as possible. Only a professional damp specialist can shortlist the causes of the dampness problem and find the faults in the property that need to be fixed for it to be resolved.

Figuring out whether or not it is actually condensation and not other forms of damp should be left to the specialist damp surveyors. It’s always advisable to consult an expert, as there are other kinds of damp, such as penetrating or rising damp, which need to be ruled out before arriving at the conclusion that the problem is occurring due to condensation only.

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Whether you want us to survey a multi-storey building or a single room apartment, our team of damp specialists has experience working in just about every kind of environment you can imagine. They have been professionally trained to use high-end tools for doing the damp survey and arriving at the correct diagnosis. This is the reason why we have countless satisfied customers who appreciate our level of expertise and professionalism.

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