Are you looking for an independent damp surveyor in London? Have you been requested by your landlord or mortgage lender for a damp survey report? Look no further! Damp Proof has the solution for your damp problem worries! 


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We provide damp surveys for homeowners, business owners, commercial clients, building surveyors, and landlords. Whether you require just a basic damp survey or a comprehensive pre-purchase damp survey for mortgage purposes, we can help!

At Damp Proof, we train our damp surveyors to take their time and utilise several damp survey methods for further confirmation when trying to arrive at the right diagnosis. On completion of the survey work, we will share with you in our report what investigation was performed during the survey. If there is a damp problem noticeable at the property, we will share our unbiased recommendations on how to rectify the issue.

Unbiased Damp Surveys

When buying or selling a property, conducting an unbiased damp survey is very important. A misdiagnosis of the damp problem can potentially result in mortgage retention or the property getting refused for lending. This is why our qualified damp surveyors offer our clients honest, professional, and unbiased feedback. As a specialist damp proofing company in London, our primary objective for carrying out damp surveys is to provide our clients with the correct diagnosis to facilitate their decision-making process.

Detailed Damp Survey Report and Recommendations

The sole purpose for our reporting is to make our clients feel confident that they have a clear understanding of the damp situation, and exactly what they need to do to rectify it. Our damp surveyors recommend damp treatment to our clients only as a last resort to remedy the damp problem, depending on its severity.

If we do recommend any form of damp proofing or damp treatment, it will come with a long-term damp proofing guarantee, so you can rest assured. Plus, our prices are very competitive. When you hire us for the damp survey work, you will receive a detailed report with the finds and recommendations of our team of damp specialists in London, and a no-obligation quotation, in case we find damp proofing work is required.

Let the Damp Specialists Survey the Property For You

If you notice any signs of damp, wood rot, or infestations that are clearly visible, chances are it needs to be inspected by damp specialists, as soon as possible. Why worry about the possibility of a damp problem when you can be certain about whether or not it even exists in the first place? Don’t wait for the damp problem to get worse, call us right away!

What’s Included in Our Damp Survey Service

  • Damp survey of the exterior/interior of the property, including but not limited to the walls, floors, the HVAC setup, and other areas that are at high risk of damp ingress
  • Identification of any issues that can lead to damp-related problems in the future
  • Recommendations for any damp proofing or treatment, if required, along with a quotation
  • Our damp survey report delivered to you within 48 hours of the survey completion
  • Direct access to our team of damp surveyors and damp proofing specialists in London

Why Choose Damp Proof?

  • Reputed family-owned damp proofing company in London with 10+ successful years in business
  • Use of moisture meters, colour-inspection borescope, thermal imaging cameras, hammer electrode, and other high-end tools of the trade for doing the survey
  • Clear and concise damp survey reports backed by real evidence and unbiased analysis
  • Countless happy customers

At Damp Proof, our team of damp surveyors in London has identified and rectified all kinds of damp problems. We have helped many of our clients solve some major damp problems on their property that seemed persistent initially. From multi-storey buildings and bungalows to single room apartments and penthouses, our team has experience working in just about every kind of environment imaginable.

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