Penetrating damp can cause damages to your property, even if water doesn’t penetrate all the way through its walls. Want to learn about the signs and common causes of penetrating damp and how you can get rid of it? Look no further! Damp Proof has all the required information and solutions for addressing your damp problem concerns! Let’s understand this problem right from the start.




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What is

Penetrating Damp?

When moisture builds up through the walls of a building, horizontally, it’s called penetrating damp. Penetrating damp can potentially lead to more serious issues such as wood rot, infestations, frost damage into masonry, increased heat loss, and water damage on both the exterior and interior of the property.

Common Signs of Penetrating Damp

  •     Damp musty smell in the vicinity
  •     Damage to internal walls, external walls, skirting boards, or roofing
  •    Damaged timber or wood rot
  •    Watermarks on the masonry
  •    Patches of black mould appearing on the internal walls

If someone’s not a qualified damp specialist, it’s not uncommon for them to misdiagnose penetrating damp as rising damp. Fortunately, there are several techniques which help clearly identify penetrating damp and are frequently employed by damp specialists in London.

What Causes Penetrating Damp?

Penetrating damp is the result of water finding its way through a structure, which usually happens due to some kind of external defect or fault with the property, such as damaged or blocked gutters, masonry being too porous, faulty roof fabric, and defective render or pointing. When the extra moisture fails to evaporate on its own and passes through to the inner walls, it results in penetrating damp. Another common cause of penetrating damp is defective cast iron soil and rainwater pipes. The rusting or leakages commonly lead to a penetrating damp problem.

Treatment of Penetrating Damp

One of the most important steps in penetrating damp treatment is to identify and rectify the source of damp ingress. This is why it’s crucial to have a damp specialist who’s qualified to carry out a damp survey and identify any penetrating damp issues your property may have.

Once a thorough damp inspection has been carried out by the damp surveyor at your property, they will provide you with a detailed report on the damp problems that were successfully identified during the damp survey. Only then you could establish, with certainty, the gravity of the damp problem, its causes, and finally, the correct modality of damp treatment.

Damp Proofing Specialists Of London

We’re Damp Proof, a leading team of damp specialists in London – a reputed, family-owned business with 10+ successful years in business, and running. We offer professional damp surveys, damp treatment, and damp proofing services in the area.

With damp being quite a common problem in London’s residential properties, we have clearly identified all the top causes for it and know how to effectively get rid of the damp problem and stop further dampness from building up in the property.

Our damp surveyors are fully qualified and equipped to inspect the damp problems at your property in London. Apart from this, we have a well-qualified and highly trained team of damp proofing specialists in London to rectify all types of damp problems that could be affecting your property.

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